August 5, 2012

Single mom

Eggy appah was in Vegas this weekend for a bachelor party so I got to experience life as a single parent for a couple days.  (Well, I was staying at my parents' so I had a lot of help from my sister.  Thanks, eemo!)  It's freaking hard!  And it didn't help that Bacon had one of his worst nights last night.  He kept waking up every hour or so after 1am.  Sometimes, he'd wake up two or three times within an hour!  Horrible!  (I'm not sure but I think it's because we haven't been giving Bacon his reflux med for a few days and it's caught up to him.  He's been spitting up a lot more today and yesterday.)  But then I heard some sad sad news about my mom's friend's daughter who delivered prematurely and how her baby has all these issues.  And I can't even be upset about my one sucky night when I have two beautiful healthy kids.  
And in other happier news, my friend came over on Friday with her baby.  It was our first time seeing each other's baby.  (I'm going to call her KG for Kate Gosselin because they have the same hairstyle (before Kate got the extensions).  You can't tell from the pic but her hair is AWESOME.  And I thought Eggy had amazing hair when she was a baby.)  KG is only two months older than Bacon so I'm sure they'll be good buddies in the future.  Look, don't they look like they had a lot of fun?
Haha, my kids spent most of the visit napping but it was still fun to hang out with KG and her mommy.  KG seems way more mellow than Bacon.  I'm kind of jealous.  And also of her hair too.  It really is a sight to behold.


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