September 5, 2010

The Big News

Sometime in March 2011 (hopefully), the Eggy family will be moving!  We bought a house!  (Technically, it's a condo.)
We're super excited.  It's a brand new house that's still being built which is why we can't move in until March.  We're going to be a bit further away from our families but it's in a community we really like.
We've been looking to buy a house on and off for the past two years.  We started looking again this summer and came across these new homes.  Eggy appah and I got pre-approved and played the waiting game.  Over a month later, we got a home!
Although Eggy doesn't understand the whole idea of moving, I think she really likes the house too.  When we toured the model homes, she got comfortable right away.

It's been two years since we moved in with my parents.  We hadn't planned on staying this long but it's been really really nice having the extra help with Eggy.  We've definitely gotten spoiled.  It's going to be so much harder when we move.  Plus, I hate packing.  But, I think it's time.


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