September 14, 2010

Books, Bellies, and Discipline

Yesterday, Eggy got in big time trouble.  Eggy told her halmeh to sing a song (for the eleven-teenth time) and when my mom said no, Eggy hit her!  Or maybe she pushed her.  Either way, it was not nice.  And Eggy knew right away that she did the wrong thing.  A lot of times, when Eggy knows she's in trouble, she'll apologize right away; I don't even get a chance to yell at her or discipline her before she gives me a kiss.  Such a manipulator.  Anyway, this time was different.  I had to grab her and make her look at me.  She kept looking away and calling for her dad.  She already knows he's the big softie strong manly man who will protect her.  (Ahem, someone had an objection to being called a big sissy marshmallow so I had to edit.  rolling eyes)  I told her to apologize to her halmeh and give us all a kiss.  I was trying not to laugh the whole time, especially when she was calling for her dad.  I even had to turn my face away a few times so she wouldn't see me smiling.  I definitely don't want Eggy to think that she can get away with hitting people but I found the whole thing to be very funny.  I'm sure once she throws her first real tantrum, I won't think it's so cute anymore.

Today, I took Eggy to the library for the first time.  It's not the greatest library for kids but I thought it'd be a fun new experience for her.  Yesterday, she got into the bookcase at home and pulled out a bunch of books.
Studying hard
So what did she do at the library?
Pretty much the same thing she does at home.

We didn't stay very long.  I guess Eggy didn't find the library to be too exciting.  But I think she had fun, just getting out of the house.  She said bye-bye to everyone.  (She still won't really say hi to people, just bye.  But now, she'll also tell them she loves them by putting her hands on her head.  It's supposed to be a heart sign over the head but her arms are too short, obvs.)

Something new I taught Eggy
I know ya'll can't wait to belly cheers with Eggy the next time you see her!


Lazy For You said...

LOL!! i love that!I want a belly cheer. Although with the belly I gots now...I might send Eggy flying!

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