September 7, 2010

LA County Fair 2010

Yesterday, we went to the LA county fair.  I look forward to it every year; it's our tradition.  We got engaged at the fair.  We even took our engagement pictures there.
We usually go during the week later in the month so it's not as crowded.  For whatever crazy reason, we decided to go during the opening weekend.  On a holiday.  Ugh, it was hot and so crowded.  And it didn't help that Eggy was pretty cranky too.
She cried because she didn't want to go in the carrier or the stroller but we didn't want her running into people.  
Seeing the farm animals cheered her up a little bit.  

catching bubbles

The part that I was most excited about?  Eggy fell asleep in her stroller!!!  She hasn't done that since she was a newborn.  (I've always been jealous of those parents with kids who seem to fall asleep anywhere: the stroller, the shopping cart, the high chair.  I want to ask them, "How do you get your kid to sleep like that?!")  Her "nap" was only for like 30 minutes but still, I was pretty excited.  

Anyway, it was definitely more fun this year than last year because Eggy could participate more but it was also kind of stressful.  I didn't even get to eat as much junk as I would have liked and that's the best part of going to the fair: the food!  I think it'll be a little while before we take her to places like Disneyland.  I'm still recovering from yesterday.    


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