September 6, 2010

Happy 17 Months!

A few days late but better late than never, right?

Eggy has turned into such a copycat.  She's always trying to do whatever we're doing.  We're really going to have to start watching what we do and say around her.
For example, if I'm talking on the phone, Eggy also has something she MUST discuss with whoever is on the line.  Again, she's probably telling them all kinds of crap about me.  So if we are suddenly interrupted by a little voice jabbering away while I am talking to you on the phone, I apologize in advance.

In addition to her yoga, Eggy's also added sit-ups and jumping to her exercise regimen.
Uh, she's got to work a little more on her vertical though, like actually getting off the ground.  That gravity is a tricky bitch.
She can also stand on one foot.  Kinda.

Word of the Week: gaga
Eggy is always asking her eemoh to play her songs from her iPod by saying, "gaga."  Her favorites are still Beyonce's Single Ladies and Lady Gaga's Poker Face.  So when Eggy says, "gaga" she really means one of those two songs.  I guess Beyonce is too hard to say for a toddler.

It amazes me how much she learns and changes every day.  Even the things she remembers.  It's crazy.  But that's what makes her so fun.


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