August 28, 2010

Sorry to disappoint

People, I am not pregnant!  That is not my exciting news.  I could see how you might think that but I swear that Eggy is not getting a sibling any time soon.  I am not ready for that kind of craziness.  But it is going to be a big change for our family.  Everything should be official by Tuesday.

Anyway, Eggy's learned a few more words this week!
  • aaiiya - ice
  • aya - hi (like hiya, maybe?)
  • ma - Max from Where the Wild Things Are
I love how she says everything with an exclamation point.  "Mmmo! (Elmo)"  "Aaiiya!"  "Ma!"  A lot of her words sound the same so it's kind of hard to figure out what she's saying sometimes.  But it's still fun and exciting to hear her talking.  Even when she's talking shit about me.  She thinks I don't understand her but I'm on to you, little girl.


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