August 26, 2010

Elmo Love

I love the $1 bin at Target. You can find all kinds of good shit there sometimes. Anyway, I found a Sesame Street book with Abby Cadabby. I don't think Eggy knows who Abby is because she hasn't really watched Sesame Street but she knows who Elmo is from Youtube. She loves Elmo. She thinks he's hilarious. She loves him so much she even learned how to say his name.

What the hell, Eggy? It took her like two days to say his name and took her more than a year to call me umma.
So since she loves the furry little red monster so much, I dvr'd an episode of Sesame Street for her.  THIS is what caught her attention.
I was so surprised because she immediately learned how to concentrate.  Even now, she "concentrates" to tell me she wants me to turn on the tv, specifically Elmo.  When she just wants to watch regular tv, she'll go sit in the chair and point to the tv.  "Slave, go turn the tv on for me!"  Luckily, she hasn't learned how to use the remote yet although she knows what it's for.  She's even kissed the remote a few times!  She's turning into such a couch potato. 


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