August 25, 2010

So hot

Ugh, I hate this weather.  And I don't think Eggy likes being cooped up all day in the house either.  So I took her to the mall a couple times this week just to take advantage of some free a/c.
Stealing my Starbucks
Yesterday, she woke up from her afternoon nap in such a cranky mood.  I think she's teething again.  She has just one tooth that hasn't cut through yet: the molar on the top right side.  Anyway, my mom took her outside to play.  Here's Eggy helping halmunee water the grass:

This girl looooves the water.  I really want to take her to the water park at Legoland because I think she'd have so much fun but Eggy appah wants to wait until she's older.  

I also have some exciting news but it'll have to wait for a bit.  Don't want to jinx things.  Stay tuned....


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