August 1, 2010

Happy 16 Months!

What can I say that I haven't already said so many times before?  Yes, Eggy is growing up so fast.  Yes, I love her to pieces.  Life is good.

She's such a little person now.  I don't know where she learned it but she's started to shake her head no and nod yes.  This is very interesting and also annoying.  Sometimes, I think she gets confused though.  I asked her if she wanted to go outside and she said no.  Then, I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and she said yes.
And she keeps pointing at things and says, "Da!"  Is she saying, "that!"?
She can still fit in some clothes that she was wearing six months ago so it seems like she's not growing much.  But the other day, she finally got her leg up on the couch and climbed up by herself.
Lately, her dad and I have been taking Eggy for walks in the evening.  (I'm loving how July has been not so hot.  Hopefully, August will be the same.)  She loves it.  She takes off down the street while we follow after her like her minions.  It's a lot harder to get her to come back home.

Anyway, yesterday, we were behind her as usual when she stopped and turned around to look at us.  She motioned with her arms for us to get together; she wanted me and Eggy appah to walk with our arms around each other!  Then, she'd walk ahead of us again but every once in a while, she'd turn around to make sure we were still walking that way.  And she'd have this satisfied smile on her face.  It was too funny.

I've got to start keeping a list of words that Eggy can say.
Ba ba - bye-bye
Umma -mom, halmuni, eemo (I guess I am not special)
Appah - dad
Mamma - food
Mama - grandmother (paternal)
Gah - glasses
Bah-pah - backpack
Pa-pa - pick me up
Dda dda - ddok ddok heh (smart in korean)
Caw caw - bird
Bah - bath, butt (but she also says this for a lot of other things, like if I say, "Eggy, say 'Toby'" she'll say, "bah!")
Da - that?
Na - uno/hana (one in spanish/korean)
If you say, "Talk to me, Eggy," then she'll respond with her jibber jabber.  It's cute.


Lazy For You said...

aWwwwww! She's is sooo cute! And smart! You know I read somewhere how important it is to show the baby that mommy and daddy are in love and I think it's amazing how true it Eggy wants to see you guys walking arm in arm! She's so adorable :)

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