July 9, 2010

Eggy's new BFF

Eggy really likes stuffed animals.  She loves to hug them and kiss them.  Then, she tosses them to the ground.  So abusive.
A few weeks ago, we were at the Sanrio store in the mall.  Of course, there were tons of things there that Eggy wanted to grab and play with.  So I gave her one of the little Hello Kitty dolls to hold.  When I tried to put it back, she cried.  So we bought it.  She wouldn't even let me take it to pay for it.  Anyway, we bought it but planned on returning it, thinking she'd be over it in 5 minutes.  She was so happy.  Eggy held on to that doll the whole time.  She even went to bed with it that night.

I don't know what's so special about this particular doll.  It's cute but it's not like she's never seen Hello Kitty before.  She's got all kinds of HK crap.  She's even got a backpack that pretty much looks like a Hello Kitty doll.  And even her GooGoo has a Hello Kitty doll at Grandma's house.  But I've never seen her love any of her toys as much as she loves this thing.  We call it her baby.    
When we tell her it's time for bed, she says good night to all her friends but she takes her baby with her.  Usually, she tosses it aside to climb the stairs but once in awhile, she'll want to sleep with it.   
So this is what my mom said when she saw how much Eggy loved her doll.
Halmeh: "Well, she (Eggy) does look like Hello Kitty."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Halmeh: "They both have big heads and flat noses."
Me: "Mom!  That's mean!" (but I'm laughing so I guess I'm mean too)
Halmeh: "What?  Hello Kitty's cute though."
Now, I'm debating whether I should get a second one as a back-up.  


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