November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year, Eggy had two costumes.
For school, she wore her Red Riding Hood costume from last year.  It still fit, just a little shorter.  In the morning, Eggy and her schoolmates walked next door to the senior center to do a little trick-or-treating and other fun Halloween activities.  I didn't have work so I got to come along.  It was so cute to see all the little kids dressed up.

After the senior center, we walked back to the school and the kids had a parade for the parents.  Eggy kept saying that her legs were tired, wanting me to pick her up.  Since I also had Bacon with me in the carrier, it would have been impossible for me to hold her.  Her friend A also kept asking her dad to pick her up.  So I told them to hold hands and walk together back to school.  They ran off, holding hands.  So cute.  
Lining up for the parade

Then, for trick-or-treating in the evening, Eggy dressed up as Minnie Mouse and Bacon was Mickey Mouse.

We ended up going with the neighbors who have a 10 month old son.  For some reason, Eggy just wasn't as into it this year compared to last year.  After just a few houses, she said she wanted to go home.  But that might have been because she just wanted to eat her candy.  I was like, what?  But you didn't get me any KitKats.  Anyway, I think a few of the houses spooked her a little because she's been wanting to sleep with the lights on the past couple nights.  


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