November 7, 2012


I know, I still need to blog about our Korea trip but there are just so many dang pictures.  And I'm lazy. It's been an exhausting week.  But I think, I hope, (knock on wood) things are finally getting back to normal.
On Sunday, we made an overdue visit to Disneyland.  Omg, it was so hot.  We should have gone to the beach instead.  Anyway, Eggy especially enjoyed this visit because it was her first time on a rollercoaster!
Tall enough!
I wasn't sure how she'd react because she's usually so cautious about things.  She won't even go down some slides if they're too tall or fast.  But she loved it!  It was Gadget Go Coaster in Toontown so it was only like 10 seconds but still.

Now I have someone who will go on the rollercoasters with me since Eggy appah someone is too chicken.  Although... I think I might be too old for them too now.


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