September 5, 2012

The Longest Day

It was Eggy's first day of pre-school today!   We stopped by the school yesterday so Eggy could meet her teachers and see her classroom.  I think that helped.  Eggy was super excited.  She could not wait to go.  Which is good because a few weeks ago, she said she didn't want to go because she said that she would miss me too much.  Luckily, she changed her mind when I told her there would be all kinds of fun things to do at school.
I was excited too but I was more nervous.  I just felt so unprepared.  How did the summer go by so fast?
I remember when I was in school, that first week felt like the longest week.  It was kind of like that again today.  I just kept looking at the time, wondering what she was doing.

When we dropped her off this morning, she didn't cry.  Yay!  But I saw her looking through the window while we were walking out and she seemed a little confused.  But then she just went about her business, checking out the classroom.  That made me a little sad but I didn't cry.  Yay for me too!
And when I picked her up in the afternoon, I couldn't tell if she had been crying or maybe she had just woken up.  But she did say something about how she cried before her nap because she missed Bacon.  I tried to get more information about her day, like what she learned, what did she play with, new friends but I didn't get much.  The teacher is supposed to call tonight with a report though.  

I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.  I hear the second day is harder because now the kid knows they're actually going to be left there the whole day.  Fingers crossed!  

Update: Just before bed tonight, Eggy said she didn't want to go to school tomorrow.  And she started tearing up.  Uh-oh....


Lazy For You said...

Awww! How did you stay strong and not cry? I'm gonna be the mom that stays in her car in the parking lot, going through tissue after tissue. Sigh. She's sooo good. I'm sure it'll be hard for her at first, but she's gonna love school! All girls do :)

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