September 8, 2012

Bacon is 5 Months!

It's been a big month for our family.

Eggy started preschool.  She's still adjusting.  She cried on the second day.  Still, I didn't cry.  But on my way to work, I called the school a half hour later to see how she was doing and they told me she wasn't crying anymore but just sticking close to one of the teachers, observing.  I don't know, for some reason, that totally got me.  I called Eggy appah, crying.  Friday was worse (but I didn't cry this time).  The teacher had to pick her up while Eggy was screaming at me, "Umma, don't leave!!!  DON'T LEAVE!!!"  Sigh.  I've heard from other parents that it took their kid about a month for the tears to stop.  A month is a long time.

We went to Eggy appah's cousin's wedding.  We didn't get there until cocktail hour though because the kids were still napping and I didn't want to wake them because I figured they'd be up late.  So unfortunately, we totally missed the ceremony.  :(  Bacon was fussy, either from the heat or the noise or hunger or just being tired.   Luckily, the wedding was really close to our house so I took him home after about an hour, just enough time to show his face.  Eemo put him to bed and watched him while I went back to the wedding.
Eggy had a blast.  And why wouldn't she?  She got to eat...
 have all kinds of dessert...
 and dance, dance, dance.
Eggy appah had posted a video of Eggy dancing to Gangnam Style (she's gotten much better since the video I last posted) on his facebook that morning so his family kept asking Eggy if she would do the dance for them.  Later, Eggy appah asked the DJ to play Gangnam Style and Eggy was tearing it up.  Hilarious.  I need to get the video from Eggy appah's cousin.  We didn't stay too late.  I think we got home just before 9.  I know, we're party animals.  But Eggy knocked O.U.T. that night, even with all the sugar.  

Anyway, this post should be about Bacon.

OMG, guess what?!  Bacon is sleeping through the night!!!  Hallelujah!  It's still a work in progress but his sleep is sooooo much better.  I really hope I'm not jinxing things.  He still wakes up once or twice a night for a feeding but I'm totally okay with that.  I mean, he was waking up at least 3 or 4 times during the night before and that was considered a good night!  Maybe once we start solids, he'll be able to go the full twelve hours.  I know I said I was eager to start sleep training but when the time came I was still hesitant.  He seemed so young!  But his pediatrician gave us the green light at his 4 month check so there was no real reason not to do it.  Anyway, it's been nice to have my evenings back again.

He's learned to roll over from his back to his tummy.
It would actually take him a while to fall asleep because he kept trying to roll on to his front instead of lying on his back.  About a week after we started sleep training, he finally managed to roll over.  And that's how he slept, with his face planted in the mattress.  We tried to roll him back but he cried, rolled back again, and went to sleep.  I figured if that's how he wanted to sleep, that's how he was going to sleep.  I couldn't keep going in and roll him back every time throughout the night.  But did he have to sleep with his face down on the mattress like that?  I kept waking up during the night to make sure he was still breathing.  (When I told my mom about how he was sleeping, on his tummy with his face down, she said, "Oh no!  His nose will be flat!"  Really, mom?  You're worried about his nose?  Forget the danger of suffocation.  Such an Asian worry.)  Anyway, for awhile, he could only roll one way, to his left.  And he'd get mad because he forgot how to roll back to his back.  So that would wake him up a few times.  Then, he wanted to roll to his right.  Again, took a few days but he just started rolling to right today.  So now, he's an ambi-turner.  Yay.

I'm not sure what his stats are because he doesn't have a check up until next month.  But he's almost too big for size 2 diapers.  At least his thighs are, haha.  At night, we put him in the size 3 and they fit fine.  Gotta use up the rest of those size 2s though.

Bacon is getting a lot better with his hands.  He's able to reach out and grab things.  And he's always trying to put everything in his mouth.

My hair is still falling out but I think Bacon's not shedding as much.  He's got a little more hair on top but it's still pretty sparse.  I think Eggy had more hair when she was born than Bacon has now.  Oh well, at least he's got a nice shaped head.  It's so round, except for a couple weird spots.  You can't really tell unless you touch it or his hair is wet but it's almost like a dent.

He's still drooling but no sign of any teeth just yet.  That's fine by me because I'm worried about him biting me.  Also, I'm going to miss that gummy smile.


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