September 17, 2012


Last week was Eggy's first full week at pre-school.  The first few days were pretty bad but on Thursday, she didn't cry!  She seemed a little sad that I was leaving but no tears.  And same thing on Friday.  But this morning, she cried.  I should have kept walking instead of looking back at her.  I heard her cry, "I want umma..." before the teacher closed the door.

Also, yesterday, we had a playdate with two of Eggy's classsmates, a girl and boy.  We all happen to live in the same community so we got together at Eggy's new friend's house.  I think they had fun.  It's hard to tell because at this age, they're not playing with each other, just next to each other.  And they're both a little younger than Eggy, not quite three.  But I know Eggy liked playing with the "new" toys.  She even said she wanted to go over there again - to play with the jack-in-the-box.  We're all hoping that this will help the kids so they'll have a familiar face when they go to school.  It's kind of awkward because it feels like we're forced to make friends but the other parents seem very nice.

Eggy also got her first cold from school.  I'm assuming it's from school but I guess she could have picked it up anywhere.  It wasn't too bad though.  Just some congestion and a runny nose for a few days.  Yes, I was that parent and still sent her to school.  I asked and they said as long as she didn't have a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, or green/yellow boogers, she was okay.  And I didn't want her to stay home when she had only been in school for a few days.  But Bacon and I caught her cold too.  Luckily, it didn't last long.

Another first is that I got a call from the teacher last Thursday because one of the students had pushed Eggy.  He was younger than her and wanted the blocks that she was playing with and pushed her.  She didn't fall down or anything but she just got really upset.  I can imagine.  Eggy's the type who will keep crying even after the incident is way over.  She can be pretty sensitive.  But I guess she's fine because she didn't even mention it at home.  And I didn't want to bring it up and remind her.  I thought Eggy appah would be really upset because he's always worried that Eggy will be bullied.  But he took it better than I thought.  My mom, though, she's funny.  She was all like, "Who was it?  Who was it?  Gijibae!  Was it a brat?  She shouldn't have cried; she should have hit him!  I would have hit him!"  Poor Eggy, I feel so bad that I wasn't there to protect her or comfort her.  I almost cried when the teacher told me.  She kept asking the teacher, "Why did he push me?"

She's had two accidents at school.  Good thing they make us keep a change of clothes.  She even peed her pants at home a couple times.  She told me, "Uh-oh, I had an accident."  She used to get upset before but now she's all nonchalant.  Another time, she didn't even tell us; I saw that her pants were wet.  Sigh.  I guess regressions are normal?

Luckily, she's still taking her nap.  I really really don't want her to give those up yet.  I think she cried before naps the first few days but that's normal too.  I think most of the kids cried before naps.  But the teacher told them that their parents would come pick them up after naptime so that helped.  And they let her bring her blanket from home that she always sleeps with.  

I don't know if she's made any friends yet.  She's said a bunch of names but I don't know if she's just remembering names or if she's really interacted with any of them.  

Overall, I'd say Eggy is adjusting really well.  She seems comfortable with her teachers (but she's always been pretty good with adults).  She makes me pretend to be Ms. M and ask me questions constantly. Ay, poor Ms. M if she's putting up with the same thing I am!  And I saw Eggy climb into Ms. D's lap like she does with me and her dad.  She still doesn't talk much about school.  Eggy appah tried to ask and she told him it was a secret.  I didn't think she'd refuse to talk about school until she was much older.  But I guess it's normal because the other parents said their kid won't talk about school either.  Once in awhile, she'll mention things here and there.  She's learned a couple new songs.  She played Duck, Duck, Goose.  She made a bracelet and a necklace out of beads.  She showed me her bracelet and said, "Look, umma.  BEATS!"  I asked her if she had made me a necklace too and she said no, it was only for her.
Her bracelet
Her first school painting has a hole in the middle of the paper.  I guess someone got a little zealous with the paintbrush.  
But look how much better she is with the paintbrush after a week.  She used to just smear the paint all over but she's painting inside the line!  Mostly.  She was so focused.  
This was yesterday at the playdate
Even though she says she doesn't want to go to school, I think it's been good for her.  It's weird not knowing all the details of her day.  That's probably been one of the hardest things for me.  Eggy appah and I were saying she even seems different since school started.  She must have been so bored at home.  I'm excited for her.  I hope she has a great year.


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