September 13, 2012

Sibling Abuse

Maybe it's not abuse because this is just Eggy's way of sharing.  So really, she's being nice!
Oh, the pitfalls of having an older sister, especially when you're a boy. Once she put her Rapunzel tiara and one earring on Bacon but I didn't get a picture. 

Uh, why she had to get in the infant tub with Bacon, I just don't know.  Her bathtub is huge, like bigger than ours even. 
And just so Bacon doesn't get upset later for taking and posting pictures of him in these embarrassing scenarios, here's one of Eggy in a not so dignified position.  It's only fair, right?
(Yes, she holds her nose when she poops.  My mom thinks it's hilarious that Eggy doesn't want to smell her own poop.)
Aww, but look how sweet she can be too...


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