November 8, 2012

Bacon is 7 Months!

Height: 26 3/4"
Weight: 16 pounds, 11.2 ounces
Head Circumference: 18"
Haha, so I guess he hasn't gained much weight this last month.  I think he was like 30-something percentile for height, 20-something percentile for weight, and 90% for head circumference!  The only thing growing is his head!  I even had to exchange a hat for one in size 18-24 months.  
He's still in size 3 diapers.  
Developmentally, this has been a huge month for Bacon.  He's like a totally different baby.  And it all seemed to happen at once.  You'd think with all the craziness from Korea and all, he'd take it easy but not this kid.  He's been busy.
His two bottom teeth finally cut through.
When we were in Korea, he kept biting me while nursing which hurt like a bitch.  I'd take him off and tell him no in what I thought was a stern voice and the booger would just smile at me.  Thankfully, he's stopped biting.  Hopefully, he won't do it again when his other teeth come in.
He can sit independently.  He'll still fall over once in awhile but he sits pretty well for the most part.  I even put him in the shopping cart and he seemed to enjoy it but he kept leaning over.

Even though he JUST learned to sit, Bacon is also getting ready to crawl.  At first, he would just pivot around on his stomach like a helicopter but now he gets up on his hands and knees.  He usually ends up sliding backwards which frustrates him.  Sometimes he'll get on his hands and knees, lunge forward, and repeat.  So he's getting there.  He just hasn't figured out how to actually move his arms and/or legs.
Eggy didn't start crawling until she was 8 months so I'm surprised that Bacon is already trying because he's been behind Eggy in everything else.  We better get to babyproofing the house.

I took him to his pediatrician on Monday for his 6 month well baby visit (a month late because we had to reschedule twice).  He got 3 shots and he did sooo well.  He cried a little bit but it was more like a crying out and no tears!
He is such a good baby.  Usually, haha.  Lately, he's been a little more fussier, always wanting to be held.  I'm guessing he's going through some separation anxiety.  On top of that, I think he's also got a little bit of stranger anxiety.  When we were at the doctor's office, he kept looking at the doctor and nurse.  He didn't cry but I could tell he was unsure of them.  Before he used to smile at everyone, but now he just stares.

We've been back from Korea for two weeks now and I think we're finally getting back to normal.  It's been the hardest on the kids.  Eggy's been having a little bit of a rough week at school.  She's been saying she doesn't want to go and cries on and off during the day.  She says it's because she misses us.  I guess she was just used to spending so much time with us when we were in Korea.  She was doing really well before we left so I'm hoping she'll adjust soon.  As for Bacon, he did really well with all the traveling considering but he was all mixed up when we got back home.  He was still on Korea time so he'd wake up a few times during the night wanting to play.  So not fun.  He also had an ear infection.  It sucks because I also got sick and the lack of sleep was not helping me get better faster.  I was exhausted.  But on Monday, we started re-sleep training him and he's starting to sleep normal again.  It's still a work in progress but he's doing well.  Actually, really well because he hasn't been waking up for any night feedings like he did before we left for Korea (I'm guessing the solids help).  Keeping my fingers crossed.


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