June 16, 2012

The Bad and the Good

Is it wrong to call your 2 month old newborn an asshole?  I know, terrible, right?  But when it's 4am and he's been waking up every hour, your sleep deprived brain is not thinking rationally.  This past week has been horrible in terms of sleep.  I cannot wait until he's older so I can start sleep training.  Ha, I was so reluctant to let Eggy cry it out but now it doesn't even faze me.  I just hope it works on Bacon.  Fingers crossed.

Despite my grouchiness from the lack of sleep, I just about died last night from the cuteness overload.  Bacon laughed!  So adorable!  Eggy appah was trying to put Bacon to sleep but I guess he didn't want to sleep yet.  The two of them were looking in the mirror and Eggy appah would close his eyes tight, pop them open, and say, "Boo!"  And Bacon thought it was hilarious.  Now I'm going to spend all day trying to get him to laugh again.


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