March 18, 2011

Date with D-san

Last week, Eggy had a playdate with D-san.  So much different from our first playdate.  This time, the kiddos actually managed to entertain themselves for a little bit while us mommies got to talk and hang out.  Of course, most of that time was also spent feeding our babies.  Oh, how times have changed.  Back in the day, Mrs. Miyagi and I would be the ones gorging ourselves.  I guess that's transferred over to our little piggies now.  
Anyway, it was fun seeing the two together.  They're still too young to really play together but I think they enjoyed it.  Eggy managed not to push him over and D-san didn't pull Eggy's hair (although I did see him eyeing her ponytail).  
Possible picture for their wedding slideshow?  lol


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