May 3, 2010

Babies galore!

I guess I'm at that age where everyone I know is having or had babies recently. It's so exciting! All this baby fever makes my ovaries tingle. But, no, not ready to go there yet, people. Anyway, I'm so happy that Eggy's going to have a bunch of new buddies. I just have to make sure she is a good noona/unnie and play nice.
Actually, Eggy just had a play date with D-san last Thursday. Okay, it wasn't really a "play" date, more like a chance for me and Mrs. Miyagi to hang out. Poor D-san was supposed to take a nap but I think Eggy was too distracting. She kept going over to look at him. She told him he was "eeppuh" and was gentle. Until she smacked him in the face and stuck her finger in his mouth. Sorry about that, D-san's parents.
But I can't blame her intrigue. I had to hold myself back from nibbling on his chubby cheeks. And he was quite the flirt, smiling and giggling. Although, he should probably work on his gas issues first if he plans to win over the ladies. Just saying, D-san.

It was good seeing them even though I felt like Mrs. Miyagi and I didn't really get a chance to hang out. We were too busy keeping our eyes on the babies. We couldn't even eat together, we had to take turns. How do moms with more than one kid (especially really young ones) do it?! On the next play date, we should leave the babies at home with the dads.


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