May 11, 2010

Sweets for the sweet

So after rescheduling twice because of the rain, we finally got to do our family photo shoot today.  It took a little while for Eggy to warm up but I think we got some good shots. It'll be a few weeks before the pictures are ready but I was happy with the ones the photographer showed us.
I brought a lollipop to use as as prop which I forgot until the very last minute. At first, Eggy didn't know what to do with it because we don't really let her have any candy yet. Then, I ended up dropping it and breaking it. Oops. But I let her have some as a reward for being a good girl during the shoot. Since Eggy was already dressed up, Eggy appah took some pictures of her with her lollipop when we got home.  Man, once she figured out how to work that lollipop, she loooved it!   
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Then, I had to be the bad guy and take the lollipop away.   


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