May 4, 2010


Eggy appah and I have different parenting styles. He's definitely the pushover when it comes to Eggy. I'm the hardass. Anyway, we also have different ideas when it comes to dressing Eggy.

Most of the time, Eggy's dressed in a nehbok or a onesie since she's usually just hanging out at home. I get that. It's comfy for her and easy for us. But I think she should wear something cuter when we take her out. I'm not saying she needs a whole ensemble but I don't want her to look like she just rolled out of bed.
See? Cute, right?
However, Eggy appah will just leave her in whatever she wakes up in. And this is how he'll take her out: to grandma's house, the park, the mall, out to eat, everywhere. If it's cold, he'll throw on a jacket and maybe some socks. So lazy!
An example of the hubby's styling:
He says my mom's the one who put the leg warmers on (which is true) but if she didn't, I'm sure he would have put them on anyway. No, wait, I take that back. He would have just put one of the leg warmers on her. Maybe I should just be glad that he's at least putting pants on her. Before, he used to take her out in only a onesie. sigh.


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