March 1, 2011

Happy 23 Months!

Wow, just one more month until Eggy is TWO!!!  She's talking mostly in sentences now even though they're just a few words but still, sentences!  

Eggy doesn't know all the letters of the alphabet but she knows: a, e, i, o, j, m, w, and z.  At first, I thought she just recognized the letters from memory but she's pointing them out in other places (like books) too.   

She also knows a few shapes: circle, square, triangle, star, and heart.    

Not only does my genius speak English, Chinese, AND Korean, she's also learning Spanish.  Que lista!
I should teach her how to say quesadilla next.  You know, so it's more authentic.  

So all these new things that Eggy can learn but she still doesn't know to duck her head when she walks under something.  She ducks her head before she gets under it and then stands straight up and walks right into it and bumps her head and cries.  sigh.  Today, she dropped a couple blocks under the piano bench.  I tried to show her to duck and crawl to reach the blocks.  You know what she did?  She sat down with her legs under the bench and used her feet to kick the block towards her.  I guess I should give her points for being innovative.  

Eggy still calls herself Nui Nui but she can also say her name too now.  Kinda.  One time, some lady asked Eggy for her name and she said it!  
Dang, the girl's got like three names: her regular name, her Korean name, and Nui Nui.  She also responds to "Booger."  And since she's always trying to do things by herself "Nui Nui do it!  Nui Nui do it!" I said that must be her Vietnamese name: Duyet (that's how "do it" sounds when Eggy says it).  

She used to be afraid of going down the slide by herself but look at her now!

Backwards too

So yeah, life with Eggy is very very good.  But don't get me wrong, she can be a huge brat too.  But she's my brat and I lub her muchos.  


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