December 28, 2009

Vroom vroom!

For Christmas, Eggy got, not one, but two cars! Spoiled!
Car #1:
Car #2 (for Grandma's house):
Making sure the car meets her standards....
She was not too pleased that the car came with the stock 3" rims. Brat. Eggy appah had to promise her that he would get her some 13s. Keep them clean, Eggy.
Once she got over that, she was pretty eager to get going.
Of course, she wanted to pick up her buddies.
But I told her that the car was only a one-seater so she left them behind.
Oh, the carnage.... (Stop laughing at my pants. No, they are not too short; they're supposed to be like that!)
I also had to tell her that it was against the law to text while driving.
She was pissed!
Road rage is not cool, Eggy.
And here's Eggy with her new BFF, Pinky.


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