December 9, 2009

Bah humbug!

We took Eggy to see Santa. She was great, even waiting in the hour long line, until...
It took her about half a minute to realize that she didn't like Santa.
I guess someone's on the naughty list.
Santa's helper elf lady was telling us that with young kids, the best pictures are usually the first ones before they freak out. They also let you use your own camera. So we got a couple okay ones but not super great. It's confusing to have a bunch of people yelling your name while some strange fat man is holding you. Once Eggy started crying, they immediately stopped but I told Eggy appah, "Keep going!!"
EA: "But she's crying."
Me: "It's okay! Keep going!!!"
haha, mommy is so mean. She cried for like 3 seconds until I got her and there were no real tears so please do not call Child Protective Services on me.

Later, I took her on the carousel. They give you a ticket for a free ride if you take a picture with Santa. I wasn't sure how she'd handle it but she was pretty good. No crying this time.


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