October 2, 2009

Happy 6 Months!

Weight: 16 lbs., 2.7 oz (~50th percentile)
Height: 27.5 inches (~95th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (~75th percentile)

Another 3 shots and an oral vaccine. Yeah, she wasn't too happy but her pediatrician says she's doing well. yay!

At the risk of jinxing it, Eggy's been sleeping a lot better. She even slept a solid 8 hours for a couple nights. I never thought that I could be happy waking up at 4:30am. But she's also had a few rough nights too, especially this past week. I'm really hoping it's temporary (maybe a growth spurt?) and she'll go back to sleeping well again.

Since we've started solids, Eggy's not pooping as much. This is both good and bad. Good, because we don't have to change her diaper as much. (In the early days she would poop all the time. Sometimes, she'd poop again right after we changed her.) Bad, because when she does finally poop, watch out! How can something so nasty come from something so cute? One time, I was washing her butt and I couldn't stop gagging while my mom kept laughing at me. Yeah, we have to wash her butt after a big dookie because wipes just wouldn't be enough.
Also, she's a lot more gassy and that stinks too!! She's a loud farter, like her daddy. Sometimes, I have to ask him if he farted but it's Eggy!

Her hair is starting to settle down now. It doesn't look like a flame so much anymore. And it's getting pretty long. It'll probably start getting into her eyes. I don't want to cut it though. I love her crajee hair with her highlights. Maybe I'll just tie it up instead.
Eggy's also been having some separation anxiety. It's kind of nice to know that she knows who we are and she trusts us but it can be tiring too. Sometimes, she won't even go to her dad. One time, Eggy woke up crying and Eggy appah went to pick her up. But she wouldn't stop crying until I held her. I think it hurt his feelings. hahaha. He says it's only because I have boobies. Whatever, you still got rejected. Moded!!
I can't believe my little baby is already half a year old. That means I have to start thinking about her dol (1st birthday)!


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