October 5, 2009

Eggy Couture

When I was pregnant with Eggy, we decided not to find out the gender. I wanted it to be a surprise. That was probably a good thing because I probably would have gone crazy buying all sorts of girly things had I known she was going to be a girl.
Eggy's eemo (my sister) made her a tutu. You can't really tell it's a tutu in the pictures; it just looks like some pink fluffy thing.
She made it a little too big though.
But that didn't stop her from trying to eat it.

Then, she decided she had enough.

Her Rainbow Brite leg warmers. They're actually a little tight because of her thunder thighs.

I call this her little orphan/bag lady/Mary-Kate Olsen look.
Umma and appah are broke and have no money to clothe you, Eggy. That's why you always see her in the same clothes or nekkid.


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