June 14, 2011

Like Appah!

Eggy's favorite movie lately is Tangled.  Have you seen it?  Super cute.
Anyway, we were watching Tangled and I asked her, "Eggy, do you like Flynn Rider?"
Eggy: Yeah!  (That's her new thing now.  She never says "yes" anymore; it's always "yeah!")  FlynnRider!  (She also says his whole name like it's one word.)
Me:  Do you think he's handsome?
Eggy:  No.  Appah handsome.
Me:  How about Prince Eric (from The Little Mermaid)?  Is he handsome?
Eggy:  No.  Appah only.  
Me:  *rolls eyes

The other day when we were at my mom's, my mom was watching City Hunter.  I said to Eggy, "Look, Eggy, look!  Umma likes him (pointing at Lee Min Ho)!  He's handsome!"
Eggy:  No!  Appah!
Me:  No!  Oppa (Okay, so I'd be like his noona but he's an oppa to Eggy) handsome!  Umma likes him.
Eggy:  Umma like oppa?
Me:  Yes!  Umma like oppa; he's handsome.
Eggy:  Oooooh!  Like appah!


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