February 20, 2011

Mean Girl vs. Nice Girl

Toddlers are so temperamental.  
When Eggy misbehaves, I ask her if she's a good girl or bad girl.  If she replies, "good girl!" then I tell her to stop whining/crying/etc.  If she says, "bad girl!" then I ask her if she wants a meh-meh (spanking), although I'm not even sure if she knows what meh-meh means.  (I don't think I could really spank her though.  Not yet anyway.  Ask me again when she's throwing a fit in the middle of the market because I won't buy her Fruit Loops.)  She says no so I tell her to cut it out and act like a good girl.  Usually, it works.  I dread the day when Eggy starts talking back to us and giving us real trouble.  

Edit:  This morning though, she was naughty.  I don't even remember what the problem was but she was just acting like a jerk.  So when I asked her if she was going to be a good girl or a bad girl, she YELLED, "BAD GIRL!"  Oh no, she di'int!  And when I asked her if she wanted a meh-meh, she nodded yes.  Great, now what?  So I carried her to the other room and she started crying.  Probably because I took her away from her back-up (i.e. appah and hani).  She apologized right away and we kissed and made up.  But as soon as I took her back into the kitchen, she reached for my mom and started crying again.  "Waaah, mommy is so mean!"  


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