February 7, 2011

Little China Doll

Yesterday, we went to MaMa's house for Chinese New Year (and the Super Bowl).  Of course, Eggy had to get all festive and wear the dress that MaMa bought her for Christmas.  Too bad I don't know how to do her hair up like Kai-Lan.  
With her favorite (and only, haha) cousin
A red envelope from SokSok
"Juggling" kumquats
Taking a blueberry break
I know, two posts in one day!  AND I managed to post every day for a week!  Except now, I'm running out of things to blog about.  Because really, our lives are not that interesting enough for me to blog every day.  And I'd just end up posting 30 pictures like this.  
Doing what she does best: eating


Lazy For You said...

I loooover her little Chinese dress! Happy New Year! I forgot how to say it in Chinese. :/ Oh and I didn't make it to the Mommyshutters workshop cuz Wes won't take the bottle still :( Help.

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