August 23, 2009

Vegas, Take two

We're back from Vegas! And Eggy survived! I missed her like crajee. Every time I saw a baby in Vegas, my heart hurt a little. And my boobies too, haha.
My favorite part of Vegas? Catching up with an old friend....

Dear Sleep,
How I've missed you so!! I'm sorry that I took you for granted so many times before. Although Las Vegas is not the best place for us to meet, I was so excited to get to spend some uninterrupted quality time with you. Eight plus hours!! Not even the call of Wheel of Fortune could entice me away from you.
I will cherish our time together. And hopefully, get back to spending more time with you again. Unfortunately, Eggy seems reluctant to establish a long-lasting relationship with you but I'm working on it. She needs to know of your awesomeness.

Eggy Umma


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