August 1, 2009

Happy 4 Months!

She's getting so big. I still think of her as a little baby but sometimes when I look at her, I'm surprised to see how much she's grown.
She's been trying to stick everything in her mouth. After a while though, she seems to get frustrated, like she's mad that she can't stick the whole thing in her mouth. Or maybe she just gets tired of holding the object. So we just take it away from her.

She's also been drooling a lot more too. My little slobber monster. When I hold her upright, she likes to lick my shoulder. Maybe she is marking her territory. So please excuse any drool stains on my clothes.

After she rolled over the first few times, she wouldn't do it anymore. A few weeks ago, she did it again and hasn't stopped. Any time we put her on her belly, she'll roll right over, making tummy time impossible. But she'll only turn to her left. She's not an ambi-turner, like Zoolander. And she's lazy about it too; she lets gravity do most of the work. I'll try to get a video up.
She's found her feet. But she doesn't suck on those. She still prefers her hand, specifically her pointer finger.

We've finally managed to get her to sleep without being swaddled. It took awhile because she would keep hitting herself in the face but she's doing better.

She's got an appointment with the pediatrician next week. Time for her 4 month shots, ouch! Poor baby.


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