May 14, 2012

Eggy Noona

(Noona means older sister in Korean, specifically what a boy calls his older sister.  And girls call their older sister unni.)
So far, Eggy really loves her new baby brother.  She's always giving him kisses on the forehead.  She doesn't even like to give us random kisses.  In the beginning, she'd get really upset whenever he cried.  I wasn't sure if it was because she didn't like the loud noise or because she was worried about him.  She'd cover her ears and yell, "Why is he crying?!?  HE'S TOO LOUD FOR ME!!"  Um, stop yelling then.  You're too loud for me.  Now, she tells me to go get him when he starts to cry.  Sometimes, she even suggests reasons why Bacon might be crying.  The other day we were driving in the car and Bacon started to cry and she told us to turn the static on the radio.  What do you know?  It worked!  And she always wants to "help" with diaper changes, baths, feedings, etc.  It would be so much faster and easier if I just did it by myself but I don't want her to feel left out.  And sometimes she does actually help.  Plus she won't always feel this way towards her brother so I should appreciate it while it lasts.

If there has been any jealousy, it's been over Bacon's "new" toys (Eggy's old baby toys).
And once in a while, she likes to pretend that she's the baby and have us pretend feed her and change her.  But most of the time, she's happy being the big girl.  
I'd say the only problem she's given us is that she's been a little more defiant lately.  Nothing horrible but I think she's testing us.  I'll tell her that she can't do something and she'll ask again repeatedly or make comments about how much she loooves it and wants it or whatever.  Or she'll ignore me and just do it anyway.  It frustrates me because I know she totally understands that I told her no and she's smart enough to know.  It probably doesn't help that I just don't have as much patience or energy as I did pre-Bacon.  Maybe she's just acting her age but I guess I just expect a lot from her.  I have to remind myself that she's only three.  The pitfalls of being the firstborn.  

Hope all you moms had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Eggy appah was so nice and let me sleep in the whole weekend.  And Bacon gave me a belated gift today:  a huge smile!  He's been smiling in his sleep for a few weeks now but this was the first time he smiled looking right at me.  Maybe it was a fluke but I still loved it.  


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