May 16, 2011

Such a joy

Eggy has been acting like such a butthead lately.  Two years old is no fun.  Tantrums and mood swings?  No thank you.  It's bad enough that even her dad (the one who thinks Eggy can do no wrong) called her a jerk.  Last week, Eggy almost threw a fit because I closed the closet door.  Why?  Because she wanted to close it herself.  Any little thing that doesn't go her way, it's like the end of the world.
I do try to let her have her way as much as I can.  It's not worth it to fight about every little thing.  Sometimes, I feel for her because it must be hard to be a toddler.  I know some of the things she does is her way of trying to gain control.  (You know what would be the ultimate sign of independence, Eggy?  If you could wipe your own butt.)  But then, there are those other times.  And that's what time outs are for.  Me and time outs?  BFFs.  I love time outs.  Eggy even knows where to go when I say, "Time out!"
Sometimes, she even puts herself in time out!  I looove eet!  When I feel like she's going to have a meltdown, I ask her if she needs a time out and she actually says yes.  So she'll go sit in her spot for a little bit and a few minutes later, she's actually calmer.  Not always but most of the time.
And her new thing is, "I mad.  Eggy mad."  I ask her why she's mad and she just shrugs.  Sigh.  Her teenage years are going to be so much fun.


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