February 1, 2010

Happy 10 Months!

Right before we took this picture Eggy tried to lunge off the couch. I grabbed her just in time. Then, I picked my heart up off the floor.

It's been a busy month. It's hard keeping up with her; she's such a fast crawler now. I am not looking forward to when Eggy will start walking.

Eggy can now:
Pull herself up to standing. She'll even stand on her own for a few seconds.
Wave "hi" or "bye"
Tongue - She'll stick out her tongue if you stick yours out or say, "let me see your tongue."
Monster - When you say "monster," Eggy will make a growling noise.
Sign for "more." I've been trying to teach it to her for the past couple months but she just started signing it back, usually when she's eating snacks. She doesn't always do this though so I don't know if she fully gets it yet.
Two more bottom teeth came through so now Eggy's got 8 teeth total.
Eggy's attention span has been getting better. She'll sit and watch TV or look at books now for a few minutes. She really likes the Pororo music videos on youtube.

I've now got less than 2 months to plan Eggy's first birthday. A part of me wants to do something low key at home but my inner bridezilla won't let me.


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