January 1, 2010

Happy 9 Months!

Haha, she looks so chinky in the picture above.
Funny story: Last week, we went to the market. As I was taking Eggy out of the car, another car was parking next to us. I hear the driver say, "Look at the baby. How cute!" Then, I hear a kid from the back say, "Oh, it's Ni Hao, Kai-Lan!" What?! Just because she's Asian....
Anyway, so far Eggy can:
Get into a sitting position from her stomach
Put her lips together when you say popo (kiss)

Actually, she's been doing this awhile but now she'll do it on command (sometimes).
Make a "pretty face" Same deal as popo

Mahn-seh (raise her hands up)
Kohnjikohnji (pointer finger to palm of other hand)
Give hugs - my favorite

She doesn't really hug you with her arms; she just rests her head on you for a little bit but it's still nice, especially when she does it without you asking.

Eggy can pull herself on to her knees but not her feet. But she will stand for a little bit if she's holding onto something. We've had to lower her crib which is a pain on our backs.

She's also got a lot more teeth now, 4 on top. It seems like they all came at one time. She seems to like having her teeth brushed. I kinda wish she didn't have those top teeth; it was cute just seeing the bottom two.

Eggy's not talking yet but she's making a lot of noise. "Adadadadadada..." and "Mamamama..." but I don't think she knows what they mean. But it was nice to hear say "umma! (mom in korean)" and "daddy!" really clearly.

She's tried tofu, egg yolk, and chicken. We also started giving her some finger foods. At first, she would just shove her hand in her mouth without letting go of the food so it would stay in her fist.

But Eggy learned quick. She really likes those Gerber puffs. The little piggy can't stick them in her mouth fast enough.

I'm taking her to the pediatrician on Tuesday so we'll see how much the little beast has grown.


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