September 3, 2009


Eggy got her first boo boo this morning. When I went to get her from her crib, I saw blood on the blanket. BLUHD! It must have just happened because it was still bright red. She scratched her ear with her talons, er, nails. Seriously, I have to cut her nails like twice a week because they grow so fast. And I have to do it while she's asleep so she's not flailing around. (Actually, now that I think about it, Eggy's first boo boo happened when I was cutting her nails. I accidentally cut her thumb. There was a little bit of blood then too but not as much as this time.)
Anyway, she's fine. I don't even think she knew she did it because she didn't cry or whimper or anything. Just took ten years off her umma's life but whatever. It's fun having a heart attack at 7 in the morning. Thanks for the good time, Eggy.


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